Chris & Kelly Engagement


Ann Arbor, Michigan has so much to offer! I had only done one other photoshoot in that area previously and found so much inspiration.  Chris and Kelly were inspiration enough though.  They brought so much energy and life to this photoshoot.  I could have easily made this blog post 100 images long, but I already spent half the day editing just these.  The funny part is that because Chris has an airplane we felt the need to travel far away to take some truly epic engagement photos, but the winds were so high in the places that we wanted to go that we decided to stay local, and I really think that was the right choice.  This is the longest engagement session I have ever done.  University of Michigan campus and the Arboretum had so much to explore that we just never ran out of things to shoot.  Chris and Kelly are both paraglider pilots and I actually have some more photography ideas that would incorporate a paraglider.  We may all take a paragliding trip together this winter in Flordia or South America and do another engagement session down there just for fun.  
– Kyle

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